Bachelor of Work Studies- Agri Foods Production


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Learning Record to submit for credit for each unit



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Work Studies Video




Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies) Video



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Vocational Education to Degrees

Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies) Advertisement

Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies) Video



(1) ဒီပလိုမာအတွက်လေ့လာရန်

WS101 Vocational Studies (10 credits)

Vocational Experience and/ or completion of Vocational Training and studies at other schools and training centres


WS102 Safety Training (5 credits)

WS103 English (5 credits)


WS104 Myanmar Vocational Training Certificate (10 credits)--                                                                                     



Science (Year 10/11/12)

Chemistry (Year 10/11/12)


Learning Record to submit for credit for each unit

 (2) အဆင့်မြင့်ဒီပလိုမာအတွက်လေ့လာရန်

Here ကို Mouse ၏ညာကလစ်ပြုပြီးဒေါင်းဆွဲပြီးဖွင့်ပါ။


ADWS (Agri Foods Production)

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Half of the lesson 60 Credits  Advanced Diploma


All Lessons, 120 Credits, BWS degree



Agricultural Law  for BWS right law Original.pdf amended Fertilizer law E and M.pdf


Agricultural Technology for BWS Methods suitable for weather.pdf cultivation management.pdf conservation landuse.pdf seed control.pdf



Coffee Seasonal Crops for BWS cultivation.pdf


Cotton Production for BWS Yield Estimation.pdf ngwe.pdf



Crops for BWS management.pdf


Garden Plantation for BWS postharvest-tech guide-Myanmar.pdf 9 Horti CROPS-  GAP PROTOCOL AND GUIDELINE (1).pdf


Long term crops for BWS palm.pdf cultivation method.pdf



Pest Protection for BWS management in Myanmar07032016.pdf diseases and control method.pdf


Properties of Crops for BWS Seed-related Committee of rice.pdf of oil.pdf



Rice for BWS cultivation management.pdf of rice yield.pdf


Seeds for BWS Peas Crops.pdf Gourd, Potato.pdf



Sugar Cane for BWS _2.pdf


 Half of the lesson 60 Credits  Advanced Diploma


All Lessons, 120 Credits, BWS degree

 (3)ဘွဲ့ အတွက်လေ့လာရန်

Here ကို Mouse ၏ညာကလစ်ပြုပြီးဒေါင်းဆွဲပြီးဖွင့်ပါ။

Bachelor of Work Studies


Course of study



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WS3001Management  for Bachelors Degree (1).pdf (2).pdf (3).pdf and Public Administration (1).pdf and Public Administration (2).pdf and Public Administration (3).pdf Management.pdf Practice.pdf Management.pdf Administration (1).pdf Administration (2).pdf Administration (3).pdf Administration (4).pdf (1).pdf (2).pdf


Bachelor of Agriculture

Tuition Fees  ကျောင်းလခ