Master of Management /Master of Business Administration

(240 points / 120 points is given for Bachelors degree )


Master of Management Assignment Guide.pdf of Management Assignment Guide.pdf


Master Diploma Management Worked Example


PART (1) Course Work in Graduate Diploma Level (80 points)


Graduate Diploma in Management ( 8 units) (each 10 Points)


Mgt 501 Organizational Change Management


Mgt 502 Strategic Plans Development & Implementation Plan


Mgt 503 Leadership in Organization


Mgt 504 Innovation & Continuous Improvement


Mgt 505 Risk Management Mgt


Mgt 506 Knowledge & Information Management

Mgt 507 Human Resources Management & Strategic Planning Strategic Plan



Mgt 508 Employee Relations Management Relations


Graduate Diploma of Management is completed at 80 Credit points



Master Of Management(each 10 points) (40 Points)

All Graduate Diploma Subjects PLUS


PART (2) Project/ Thesis at Masters Level


Mgt 601 Logistics Management Logistics


Mgt 602 Project Management Management Rory Burke.pdf


Mgt 603 Financial Management


Res 601 Research Methods


Master of Management/ Master of Business Management is completed at 120 Credit points


Master of Business Administration (160 Credits)


Final Thesis


The candidates need to submit the thesis in Business Management/ Administration on the research topic selected by both candidate and supervisor


Mgt 604A Final Thesis Part 1 (30 credits) Thesis.pdf of Management Assignment Guide.pdf (ICT 605).zip

This course guides the student, step by step, through the research process, from problem selection through writing up results. It provides all of the basics necessary to complete a research project in any discipline.


Outline. The following aspects are reflected in this course:


        What is research?

        Tools of research

        The problem: the heart of the research process

        Review of the related literature

        Planning your research design

        Writing the research proposal

        Qualitative research

        Historical research

        Descriptive research

        Experimental and causal - comparative designs

        Statistical techniques for analysing quantitative data

        Analytical details: style, format, and organization of the research report


Masters Research Proposal


Synopsis: Research students are expected to present a written research proposal within three months after commencement. The proposal is handed in to the study leader. Assessors of this proposal are selected by the faculty for their understanding of the field and the research involved. The purpose of a research is to set out a plan for conducting the research and writing the dissertation within the available time. It should take account of the availability and guidance of the study leader.


The starting point for are search proposal is the topic, which is the field of interest in which the research is to be carried out. In introducing the topic, the proposal should clarify the field that it falls into and the specific part that field which the research will explore. It should clarify why the topic is of interest and importance, and how the proposed research will contribute to the field of knowledge or profession. The proposal should clarify the research questions, ensuring that these are specific and answerable.


It is important to show how these questions relate to the topic are, and how they will advance the studentís contribution. The proposal should detail the research to be carried out, and clarify the research methods, the timeframe and the reasons for selecting particular methods. Where a period of literature review or research should precede any empirical research, this should be factored in as part of the research. It is important to estimate any periods of field research and to flag their duration and cost in your research proposal.


        MAE 601 Professional Management Practice ††( 6 credits)

MENG6003 Selective I: management subject (45 hrs) 3 credits


MENG6004 Selective II: management subject (45 hrs) 3 credits


        MAE 602 Thesis


Business Project/Thesis 24 credits


Candidates need to complete a 60000-words business administration dissertation (in Myanmar or English) and a 3000-words executive portfolio (in English).

This program requires the candidates to complete a dissertation as part of the assessment for the MBA degree. Doing a thesis means that instead of knowledge and information being presented and following a prescribed route for answering questions, candidates are thrust into an active role of managing an investigation into a topic area. This means researching and discovering things for themselves. They will have to set their own targets and parameters, pose their own central research questions and decide on the appropriate sources of information to support the research. It therefore requires the use of the higher-level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Candidates may choose an area of particular interest to them within the scope of course title. A dissertation is an individual effort and the candidate, academic tutor and the course professor will work together on constructing an approved topic (research question) and methodologies.


Mgt 604B Final Thesis Part 2(10 credits)


Dissertation Defense


It is expected of Masterís candidates to defend their thesis by means of a colloquium doctum (academic discussion). The purpose of the meeting is for the candidates to convince a panel of experts in the field of the dissertation how well they have done in the conducting of their research study and the preparation of their dissertation


Program Total Credits 40 credits


Candidates need to complete all course assessments with the results of Grade B+ or above.