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Registered in Australia -Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

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IQY Technical College is also an authorised education college of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar New South Wales Australia Chapter registered with New South Wales State Government of Australia (INC1901087)

IQY Technical College of  IQY St Clements Education Group and Highlight Computer Group (Myanmar) is an authorized training centre of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists for ASEAN Engineering Technologist and ASEAN Engineering Technician Registration.

One of top universities in Myanmar rated by Universities in the World

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IQY Technical College -Faculty of Law is Member of International Association of Law Schools (USA)

Myanmar Government Tax Payer Number 5270-IQY-St Clements Education Group-South Okkalapa, Yangon


IQY Technical College is primarily online based teaching and learning system.

To effectively perform the teaching tasks in both personal face to face teaching and online delivery, the divisions are made to offer the various vocational education diploma to degree courses, basic education certificate courses

IQY Degree College

IQY Degree College acts as Agent for Universities and Colleges in Australia as well as facilitates to deliver Non Australia based degrees. IQY Degree College is Member of International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) which is recognized by UNESCO and ILO.

St Clements University Myanmar College

IPEM Technological University (The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar Technological University)

IPEMTU Degree College

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STC Technological University

 (Faculty of Law of IQY Technical College)

IQY Cooking School

IQY Technical University of Turkey

IQY Technical College (Fiji)

IQY Technical College is an online learning system covering from Basic and Vocational Education to Postgraduate levels managed by the College Director and Program Leaders residing outside Myanmar. The students can learn the electronic lessons, videos in study groups supervised by tutors at any place in Myanmar and Overseas








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IQY Technical College of  IQY St Clements Education Group and Highlight Computer Group (Myanmar) is an Education and Training Unit of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar (IPEM) organized by  Myanmar Citizen and Ex-Myanmar Citizen Engineers which is an  International Professional Organization , Member of International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES)and Associate Member (Elected 2018) of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO).

IQY Technical College of Highlight Computer Group is affiliated to St Clements University and S.T.C Technological University, International Institute of Science, Engineering & Management & The Institute of Professional Business & Technical Managers.

IQY Technical College of Highlight Computer Group is  first institution  in Myanmar operated by Myanmar Teachers to provide the international standard education to  the students over the world by e-Learning.


IQY Technical College teaches Singapore Recognized Engineering  , ICT Engineering , Engineering Management and Engineering Education Diplomas and Professional Diplomas at Bachelors degree levels  to enable the graduates to receive the  Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Information Technology and Management from our two affiliated universities by credit transfer scheme.

IQY Technical College educates the students of Myanmar at the price affordable to average working class people of Myanmar by applying e-Learning with study support education groups at various physical locations.

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IQY Technical College is accredited by The Institution of Professional Engineers ,Myanmar (IPEM) which issue various engineer certificates in line with international engineering system.

IFEES Membership of IPEM

Membership on IFEES Website (Elected in 2018)

WFEO Membership of IPEM



(1) St Clements University Myanmar College

Certificate of Accreditation

(2) STC Technological University-International Engineering

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(3) IQY Technical College

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Pyay Technical Institute (PTI)