IQY Technical College/ IQY Degree College/IPEMTU Degree College Programs


1/Faculty of Engineering


Engineering Practice

2/Faculty of Information Technology

Information Technology

3/Faculty of Management



4/Faculty of Teacher Education

Teacher Education

5/Faculty of Vocational Education

Vocational Education & Basic Education

6/Faculty of Arts

7/Faculty of Science

BSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry) with Vocational Studies

Archaeologist U Myint Aung School of Myanmar Literature Courses BA (Myanmar) and Other courses

Engineering Science

Arts and Science

Arts and Science Courses

8/Faculty of Humanities


9/Faculty of Law


10/Faculty of Fitness and English

BA (English)

Fitness and Language

 11/Department of Collaboration

Specific Courses

Performance based Degree Diploma Programs

Trade Practice/Vocational Practice/ Vocational Practice

Collaboration Programs

Open Public Courses

Honorary Award Programs

12/The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar Branch of Military Engineering and Military Studies & People Defence Force Academy (PDFA)

Military Studies

456678G/556678G Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor of Work Studies(Security Service)


All Programs


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IQY Technical College Programs and Career

IQY Career Flow and Entry Table

IQY Courses and Award Systems and Recognition

This table shows only Technical, Vocational, Engineering, Information Technology and Management studies.

All IQY Diploma programs require Year 12 or equivalent educational qualifications.

The students will need to do Year 9 to 12 studies in General Education before attending IQY Diploma Programs at Year 1

In some cases , the relevant General Education programs can be concurrently undertaken together with IQY Diploma Programs so that Certificate in Tertiary Preparation (Year 11+12) can be embedded  and the mode of the studies will be based on the needs of individual students. Generally after Year 12, Diploma(Year1),Advanced Diploma (Year 2) and Bachelors Degree (Year 3 and 4) in line with international standards.

According to Myanmar Education system, to complete BE degree, including Year 11+12, total 6 Years will need to be spent to study by the students with Year 10 Qualifications.

The students of all IQY Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical,Civil), Information Technology and Management Courses have also completed the following Skills Training Subjects (GE-General Engineering, IE-Intermediate Engineering) which are mapped to Australian Training Packages


IQY Advanced Diploma

Skills Training Subjects

Electrical Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Skills Training (GE+IE) Units Link

Civil Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Skills Training (GE+IE) Units Link

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Mechanical  Engineering Skills Training (GE+IE) Units Link


For all other courses, specific advice will be provided individually.