Course objectives, detailed contents and curriculums  are provided for Commercial Programs of IQY Technical College+IQY Degree College+IPEMTU Degree College

Commercial Programs are


Information Technology



For the other non profit focused programs, Course Objectives and Course Outline  can be viewed in respective course documents under Offered Courses Menu

Some Diploma Programs can be offered as Free Courses but Non Commercial fees need to be paid for all degrees.


Non Commercial Programs are

Teacher Education

Vocational Education

Mathematics and Science Degrees


Arts Degrees

Work Studies

Vocational Practice

Trade Practice

Professional Practice

Archaeologist U Myint Aung School of Myanmar Literature Courses



Course Objectives and Course Outline  of Law Program

can be viewed in respective course documents under Offered Courses Menu


Law Program is Mixture of Commercial and Non Commercial Programs

LLM is offered in both Commercial Mode and Non Commercial Mode. Other Law Programs and Human Rights are offered by Non Commercial Mode.

Course Objectives of Diploma+ Advanced Diploma +Professional Diploma Programs


Detailed Contents of BE,B Bus& B App Sc (IT) Programs


Detailed Contents of Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Engineering, IT , Management & Business Programs


Full Curriculum of Professional Diploma in Engineering Programs


Course Objectives and Detailed Contents of the other programs




Handbook Updates


Diploma in Work Studies (106689)/ Advanced Diploma in Work Studies (206689) / Bachelor of Work Studies/ Bachelor of Occupation Studies (406689)


Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational) in Myanmar Language


Bachelor of Work Studies in Vocational Studies (456678A/556678A)

LLM Curriculum (7766553)


Diploma/Advanced Diploma  in Legal Studies (Myanmar Law/International Law) 2133456/3133456 (IQY)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Legal System) (4133456)

Bachelor of Law (BL) (4233456)


Master of Engineering Legal Practice (7766554)


Master of Law (Medico Legal Studies)(7766555)


International Vocational Education Courses