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Archaeologist U Myint Aung School of Myanmar Literature


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(IPEMTU) IPEM Technological University is listed as Swiss universities

STC Technological University

STC Technological University Overseas Campus in Myanmar

IQY Technical College in Myanmar Private Universities List

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IPEM Technological University Pamphlet 21 December 2020 Update

IPEM Technological University Pamphlet 5 April 2019

IQY SIET SCPU School of Engineering Joint Program+Master of Professional Engineering

Singapore Switzerland Myanmar Collaboration

IQY Technical College Study Mode and Qualifications (Engineering)

How to get St Clements University Degree

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IPEM NSW Australia+SPEUK+SIET Recognition of IQY Graduates

IPEM + Other Certificates (How to get them)

IQY Qualification Conversion Course

 SPEUK Membership Diploma and Construction Skills Courses with IQY

Adv Dip/Prof Dip Engg (QS)/ BSc Engg (QS)

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BEngSc+MVTC for Year 8

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Bachelor of Engineering (Rural Development Engineering)

Master of Engineering (Civil- High Rise Building Construction)

IQY Vocational Education and Year 12 Course Enrolment Form

BSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry) with Vocational Studies

IQY Advanced Diploma Course for Non University Entrance Passed Students in Myanmar

IQY Advertisement for Non university Entrance Passed Female Worker Students

Vocational Education to Degrees

Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies) Advertisement

Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies) Video

Special Program for THS/ITC/Site Workers/Non Year 10 Passed and  AGTI Graduates who are not allowed to continue their engineering studies at GTI and TU BE Programs

Advanced Diploma in Electro-mechanical and Construction Engineering Advertisement

Diploma in Mechanical Electrical and Construction Studies Course Advertisement

THS/ITC to Advanced Diploma





Bachelor Work Studies in Myanmar Language of Instruction

Diploma/Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor of Work Studies (Engineering)

Advanced Diploma in Work Study-Engineering + Bachelor of Work Study-Engineering for        IQY THS Diploma Graduates


International Vocational Training Courses

International Vocational Training Courses for Myanmar Students

International Vocational training Course for Myanmar Students Advertisement

Alternative Education from Middle School Year to Degree

Special BE Program for 3 Years AGTI

Special BE (EE+RE/CE+RE/ME+RE) Program for 3  Years AGTI or Engineering Diploma

BTech +Special BE(EE+RE/CE+RE/ME+RE) Announcement

Graduate Engineer Internship

Engineer Career Conversion Program

Seamen Career Conversion Program

Career Conversion BE/BAppSc(IT)/BMgt /BEngMgt Advertisement

BTech to BE Program

Teacher Training Advertisement

Additional Production Manufacturing -Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy, Petroleum Training for Mechanical Diploma holders

BE Chemical Metallurgy Petroleum  Hazardous Safety Course

Professional Diploma/ BE in Hazardous Safety Engineering

Self study Online CPD Courses Advertisement

Advanced Diploma in Automotive Engineering and Advanced Diploma in Marine Engineering Advertisement

IQY Free Courses

IQY Online for Engineering Staff

Occupational Health and Safety Course

IQY Engineering Internship Course

IQY Apprentice and Traineeship Program

IQY Electrical Wiring Training Course

IQY Mechanical Engineering Trade Course

IQY Construction Trade Course

IQY Electrical Practical Training Course

IQY Construction Training Course


AutoCAD, Smart Plant, Staad, Tekla. CAD Worx, Electrical CAD


BE (Computer Aided Engineering)

IQY Electronics and Telecommunication Training Course

Master of Professional Engineering Practice



ME(Mechanical/Mechatronics/Metallurgy/Mineral Resources)








PhD+ME (Electrical Resources)

PhD+ME (Civil Resources)

PhD+ME (Mechanical Resources)

PhD+ME (IT Resources)

PhD+ME (Renewable Energy Resources)

PhD+ME (Architecture Resources)

PhD+ME+BE All Courses Resources

Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies and Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (Legal System)

LLM (Medicolegal) and Master of Engineering Legal Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Human Rights) and Diploma in Politics and Human Rights

Specific Courses

Profile of IQY Courses

IQY College Courses Levels and Nature of Assessments

Which course I should do

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IQY Learning System and Award Recognition

Comparing Australian Qualifications Framework/ Fiji Qualifications Framework/ IQY Qualifications Framework and credit transfer matters

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The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar Training Courses

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Phoe Phyu School of Law LLM/LLB

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Master of Engineering Legal Practice/Master Diploma in Engineering Legal Practice

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IQY St Clements Convocation 2018 Video Highlights

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Drawing and Design Training

IQY-WEDO for Myanmar Site Training

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2019 Graduation

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Mechanical+Welding+Civil Construction

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