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STC is common for three different Technological Universities 


Original meaning and University 1


St Kitts, Turk and Caicos Islands Technological University of British Indies managed from UJk 


University 2


Senior Technical Consultants Technological University with online curriculum Centre in Australia 


The graduates of IQY Technical College, IQY Degree College, IPEMTU Degree College and IPEM Technological University are issued with the Diplomas and Degrees of STC Technological University on request.




University 3


Sittwe City Technological University in Rakhine State of Myanmar

Background Information


S.T.C Technological University of British West Indies is a technological university owned by The Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Executives International which awards Master and Doctoral degrees in Applied Science, Applied Arts, Engineering and Education as well as providing the scholarships to the needy students of the developing countries. 

S.T.C Technological University means Senior Technical Consultantsí Technological University which was established by the Engineering and Professional Executives migrated to United Kingdom from British West Indies.

It is a non profit international organization. 

It only awards the degrees to the experienced researchers and the students who are awarded the scholarships. It does not offer any degree for commercial purpose.

STC Technological University academic council composes of academics from British West Indies & British Commonwealth Countries who nominate the candidates of research background to be awarded Masters & Doctoral degrees based on their practical research experiences & published works.

STC Technological University academic council also awards the scholarship Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Applied Science , Information Technology , Business Administration and Business Management through the affiliated colleges and schools led by International Academic Councillors.

For scholarship application  & degree verification--Contact - stclementstu@gmail.com


STC Technological University Scholarship Application Form


S T C Technological University offers Bachelors, Masters degrees in Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Arts , Management and Education as well as Doctor of Education degree.


It no longer issues their  Scholarship Applications forms directly to prospective applicants  . All applicants must get the scholarship application forms through affiliated colleges. IQY Technical College can facilitate STC Technological University Scholarship Applications for Bachelors and Masters degrees which are concurrently taught with our Diploma/ Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma programs.


 The scholarship application can be downloaded from the following link.



Approval of the scholarship will depend on consultation of the International Academic Councillor responsible for a particular country & e-mail interview with the applicant.

Only the successful candidates will be contacted by e-mail. The university has the right to make no contact to unsuccessful applicants.

International Councillors , Affiliated Organizations & awarded doctorate degree holders

Please contact   thespeukinternational@gmail.com

STC Technological University is former St Clement's Technological University.


Sittwe City Technological University

Sittwe City Technological University




Offered Courses

Enrolments for degrees & diplomas in Engineering/IT/Management