Specific Courses

Some units and subjects of the courses offered by IQY Technical College can be taken to organize the Specific Certificate and Diploma Courses



·        Certificate / Diploma in Business Communication and English

Form 344 Bachelor of Arts (English)   Refer Diploma in English and Business Communication               Course Code SP1


·        Diploma in Archaeology

Form 342 BA (General Arts) /BA202 Archaeology +Form 343 BA (Myanmar)/ BAM303 Ancient Myanmar Language+ Form 346 UMA401 U Myint Aung’s Archaeology Book + UMA402 U Myint Aung’s other publications+UMA403 General References for Archaeology


Total 60 Credits Each 12 Credits    Course Code SP2


Reference Books written by Archaeologist U Myint Aung

·        Archaeological Articles Collections

·        Myanmar Ancient Cultural Research


Some parts of Master of Engineering courses are extracted to teach this course

Some parts of Doctor of Engineering courses are extracted to teach this course. It is also equivalent to Master of Engineering (Honours) Code SP4B


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