Form 109 BE Special Program Learning Support

Professional Diploma/ BE (Special Program) for Experienced Site Engineers

This course is designed to provide formal engineering degree qualification for experienced engineers with relevant engineering diploma by combining their engineering experience and relevant BE level higher education studies.

It has total 120 credit points in which 60 credits points is awarded for engineering diploma and the remaining points are to be assessed on work experience, training and higher education studies.


Arrangement of study


    PART (1)- Entry Qualification and Experience Assessment


ENG601- Engineering Studies

AGTI Certificate / Relevant Engineering Diplomas(60 Credits)


ENG602-Engineering Applications

Work Experience Curriculum Vitae (10 Credits)


ENG603-Engineering Practicals

Engineering Practice Report or Experience Portfolio (10 Credits)


BAE705 Engineering Competency Development

Other degree OR Appropriate Self Study Record

Continuing Professional Development

(10 Credits)


PART (2)- Degree Level Studies in General Engineering and Management


Degree Level Study  Part 1-Engineering Mathematics+Materials+Mechanic Seminars ( 4 days)

BAE401 Engineering Mathematics

BAE402 Calculus

RE010 Engineering Materials

BAE403 Engineering Mechanics (10 Credits)


Year 3

Maths Review


Study Record


Degree Level Study Part 2 -Engineering Management Seminars (2 days)


BAE508 Management

BAE605 Engineering Management (10 Credits)


Year 4

Study Record


PART (3)- Degree Level Studies in Higher Engineering


Stream 1-Combined Studies

(To be supported by Live Online Lectures)


Stream 2-Discipline Studies-

(Personal Attendance or Self study Online)


Stream (1)- Combined studies-


·         Professional Diploma/BE (Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering)

·         Professional Diploma/BE (Civil and Renewable Energy Engineering)

·         Professional Diploma/BE (Mechanical and Renewable Energy Engineering)

Which will depend on the discipline of AGTI/ Engineering Diploma


Degree Level Study Part 3 -Engineering Subjects Seminars (4 days)

5 subjects at BE Final Level (10 Credits)



Video 1 (10 March 2019)

Video 2 (17 March 2019)



 RE505- Green Building Design (3 credits)

Page    502           to          528              of Lessons.pdf


Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Presentation 3


Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Lesson 6


Lesson 7


Lesson 8


Lesson 9


Lesson 10


Lesson 11


Lesson 12


Lesson 13


Lesson 14


Lesson 15


Lesson 16


Lesson 17


Lesson 18


Lesson 19


Lesson 20


Lesson 21


Lesson 22


Lesson 23


Lesson 24

Class Lesson Notes



Building Design+Material


Building Design +Material Science Energy Efficient


Study Record



Page    502           to          528              of Lessons.pdf


Lesson 1-Solar




Lesson 2-Basic psychrometric




Lesson 3-Total heat




 Lesson 4-U value Heat conductance



Lesson 5-Glazing+Net Heat gain heat








Lesson 7-Insulation+ Thermal




Lesson 8-Thermal mass




Lesson 9-Airconditioning load




Lesson 10-Heat gain per









K041 Lesson 12-Building heating load




Lesson 13-Design Assessment Tools



Lesson 14-Design for Australian




Lesson 15-Domestic solar hot water




Lesson 16-Energy




Lesson 17-Illumination+Smoke


The links contain the following lessons

K041 Lesson 1-Solar Design

K041 Lesson 2-Basic Psychrometric

K041 Lesson 3-Total heat resistance

K041 Lesson 4-U value Heat conductance calculation

K041 Lesson 5-Glazing+Net Heat gain heat loss

K041 Lesson 6-Shading

K041 Lesson 7-Insulation+ Thermal mass

K041 Lesson 8-Thermal mass insulation

K041 Lesson 9-Airconditioning load calculation

K041 Lesson 10-Heat gain per day

K041 Lesson 11-Ventilation

K041 Lesson 12-Building heating load calculation

K041 Lesson 2-Basic psychrometric chart

K041 Lesson 13-Design assessment tools

K041 Lesson 14-Design for Australian climate

K041 Lesson 15-Domestic solar hot water system

K041 Lesson 16-Energy efficiency +Lighting

K041 Lesson 17-Illumination+Smoke alarm

K041 Lesson 18-Water supply

K041 Lesson 19-Ventilation+Lighting control

K041 Lesson 20-Electrical system design

K041 Lesson 21-Building materials




 RE016A-Design & Management (4 credits)

Part 1-Mechanical and Structural Design Analysis str note.pdf

Lesson 1-Structural Analysis: Statically Determinate Beams


Lesson 2 Structural Analysis: Stability


Lesson 3 Truss Analysis: Method of Joints


Lesson 4 Truss Analysis: Zero-force Members


Lesson 5 Analysis of Beams having one or more Internal Hinges


Lesson 6 Shear & Moment in Beams


Lesson 7 Shear & Moment Equations


Lesson 8 Constructing Shear & Moment Diagrams using S/M Equations

Lesson 9 Drawing Shear & Moment Diagrams without the use of Equations


Lesson 10 Truss Analysis: Method of Sections


Lesson 11 Beam Deflection: Drawing Elastic Curves Qualitatively


Lesson 12 Beam Deflection: The Double Integration Method


Lesson 13 The Double Integration Method (Part 1)


Lesson 14 Distributed Loads on Beams (Part 1)


Lesson 15 The Conjugate Beam Method (Part 1)


Lesson 16 Reaction Influence Line


Lesson 17 Shear Influence Line


Lesson 18 Moment Influence Line


Lesson 19 Work-Energy Principle (Part 1)


Lesson 20 Work-Energy Principle (Part 2)


Lesson 21 Virtual Work Method (Trusses)


Lesson 22 Virtual Work Method (Beams)


Lesson 23 Virtual Work Method (Frames)



Lesson 24 Force Method (Part 1)



Lesson 25 Force Method (Part 2)



Lesson 26 A: Stability and Determinacy in Trusses



Lesson 27 Force Method (Truss Analysis)



Lesson 28 Slope-Deflection Method (Overview)



Lesson 30 Slope-Deflection Equations (Part 1)



Lesson 31 Slope-Deflection Method (Fixed-End Moments)



Lesson 32 Slope-Deflection Equations (Part 3)



Lesson 33S lope-Deflection Method and Support Settlement



Lesson 34 Slope-Deflection Method (Frame Analysis)



Lesson 35 Influence Line in Trusses



Lesson 36 Influence Line and Moving Load Series in Trusses



Lesson 37 Analysis of a Roof Truss: Method of Joints



Lesson 38 Truss Analysis (Method of Joints)



Lesson 39 Moment Distribution Method (Introduction) (Introduction)




Lesson 40 Moment Distribution Method (Beam Analysis 1)



Introduction to Structural Engineering and Steel Design


Structural Engineering and Mathematics Concept

Structural Analysis I Classroom Presentations:


Introduction to Indeterminate Structural Analysis


Class problem videos and problems:



PDF files

Problem sheets


Example 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and 2-37

Example 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and 2-37

Chapter 2


Example 3-1 and 3-2

Example 3-1 and 3-2a

Chapter 3b


Example 3-3, 3-4, and 3-21

Example 3-3, 3-4, and 3-21

Chapter 3c




Chapter 4a




Chapter 4b

Ex 2.1

Ex 2.2




Ex 3.2

Ex 3.3

Ex 3.4

Ex 3.21



Defllection of beam

Lecture 2



Written References

Structural Engineering



Structure Notes

Handbook of Structural Engineering of Structural Engineering.pdf


Structure Lecture Notes


Study Record


Mechanical Design of Electrical Structures

1.OH Line mechanical design

2.Sag calculation

3.Sag calculation + % Ultimate strength

4.Stay & guy wire design

5.Cross arm design+ Assembly+ Pin & bolt

Part 2- Electrical Design Analysis

Study Record


BAE 523A Environmental Engineering (1 credit)

Study Record


RE003- Solar and Thermal Energy Systems (1 credit)

Study Record


RE004- Energy Storage Systems (1 credit)

Study Record





Stream (2)- Discipline studies

·        Professional Diploma/BE (Electrical)

·        Professional Diploma/BE (Civil)

·        Professional Diploma/BE (Mechanical)

Which will depend on the discipline of AGTI/ Engineering Diploma


Degree Level Study -Engineering Subjects  Seminars (4 days)

3 or 4 subjects at BE Final Level  (10 Credits)


BAE621 Structural Engineering

BAE421 Building Construction Engineering

BAE623 Surveying & Traffic Engineering

Year 4

Study Record


Year 4

Professional Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


BAE613 Mechanical Instrumentation Process

BAE311 Plant Engineering

BAE614 Machine Design

Study Record


Year 4

Electrical Power

BAE 501 Advanced Power Systems & Power Transmission Networks 

BAE 506 Power System Stability & Protection

RE013-Electrical Machines


RE014-Electronics Control

BAE 604 Telecommunication Engineering

BAE 601 Computer Programming

Or other subjects by discussing with trainer Study Record



Registration fees Kyats 2 Lakh needs to be deposited into Daw Hla Myat Mon –Account Numbrer 020-33-500265-2/  002044108500265  (Yoma Bank) and attached the evidence of deposit to this application form and then send it to 

Additional Study


Year 4


Year 4


Year 4

Self Study

CAD Designing

CAD Lesson Videos

Week 5 – Part 1 (27/8/2018):

1.       Introduction to AutoCAD:


2.       Site Layout 1 – Site:


3.       Site Layout 1 – Cabling:


4.       Site Layout 1 – Text:


5.       Site Layout 1 – Plotting:


Week 6 – Part 2 (3/9/2018):

6.       Single Line Diagram:



BE (Year 5 to 6)

Programmable Logic Controllers (Electrical+ Mechanical)+CNC Machining