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BE Course Year 3+BTech Course

Advanced Diploma Course Year 1+Dip in General Engg Course

 BE Course Year 4-Electrical


BE Course Year 4-Civil


BE Course Year 4-Mechanical



Advanced Diploma Course Year 2-Electrical


Advanced Diploma Course Year 2-Civil


Advanced Diploma Course Year 2-Mechanical


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Advanced Diploma in Electro-mechanical and Construction Engineering Course +Live Lectures by Dr Kyaw Naing

(Wednesday 9AM Myanmar Time+ Saturday 9AM Myanmar Time)

(1:30PM Australian Time)

Form 108  Form108ADMECLearningSupport

Form 107 IQY+IPEM Course Information

Live Lessons (Facebook +Youtube Links can be found on the page in the above links)

Professional Diploma in Engineering+BE (RE+EE/RE+CE/RE+ME) (Special Course for experienced engineers+

Year 3 BE/Professional Diploma in Engineering+

BTech Courses Live Lectures by Dr Kyaw Naing


Form 109 BE Special Program Learning Support

Form 107 IQY+IPEM Course Information

Year 2 Advanced Diploma

Form 138  AD-EE/CE/ME Learning Support


Year 4 BE Specialised Discipline

Form 139 BE-EE/CE/ME Learning Support