Engineering Design References


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1/[Architecture Ebook] Architecture Design Notebook.pdf (5.02MB)

2/[Architecture Ebook] Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Retail Buildings.pdf (5.51MB)

3/[Architecture Ebook] Design of Masonry Structures.pdf (3.64MB)

4/[Architecture Ebook] Working Drawings Handbook.pdf (7.84MB)

5/[Architecture Ebook] Building Services Handbook.pdf (11.8MB)

6/Air Distribution in Buildings.pdf (26.91MB)

7/The Interior Design Sourcebook.epub (47.51MB)

8/Handbook of Thermal Analysis of Construction Materials.pdf (6.09MB)

9/Principles of Structural Design.pdf (10.68MB)

10/Construction Calculations Manual.pdf (9.13MB)

11/The Practical Book of Architecture.epub (4.92MB)

12/Cost Studies of Buildings.pdf (24.09MB)

13/Architect’s Pocket Book - Fourth Edition.pdf (4.76MB)

14/Introduction to Naval Architecture.pdf (11.92MB)

15/Working Drawings Handbook.pdf (5.75MB)

16/Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction.pdf (13.06MB)

17/BIM Handbook.pdf (20.63MB)

18/Prestressed Concrete Design.pdf (5.4MB)

19/Handbook of Detailing.pdf (20.52MB)

20/Drawing for Interior Designers.pdf (11.06MB)

21/Interior Design Handbook of Professional Practice.pdf (10.8MB)


22/Construction Of Buildings Volume 2.pdf (10.38MB)

23/Chen & Liew Civil Engineering Handbook.pdf (4.96MB)

24/Dam Construction.pdf (17.02MB)

25/Fire Safety Engineering.pdf (6MB)

26/Building Services Handbook.pdf (5.75MB)

27/Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering.pdf (11.24MB)

28/McGraw-Hill_-_Civil_Engineering_Formulas__2002__Tlf.pdf (4.41MB)

29/Building Hand Book.pdf (87.16MB)

30/Piping System Manual.pdf (9.48MB)

31/Reinforced concrete analysis and design.pdf (12.61MB)

32/Handbook of Structural Engineering.pdf (28.34MB)

33/Bridge Engineering.pdf (47.66MB)

34/McGraw-Hill - Piping Handbook.pdf (28.84MB)

35/Mathematics-The Civil Engineering Handbook.pdf (3.87MB)

36/Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations.pdf (17.27MB)

37/Subsea Engineering Handbook.pdf (45.42MB)

38/Civil Engineering Handbook(Second Edition).pdf (32.43MB)

39/Building Design and Construction Handbook.pdf (16.03MB)

40/Civil Engineering Handbook.pdf (24.94MB)

41/Construction of buildings Volume 1.pdf (15.41MB)

42/Residential_Structural_Design_Guide.pdf (3.76MB)

43/Design of Highway Bridges.pdf (62.87MB)

44/Estimator Electrical Man-hour Manual.pdf (7.02MB)

45/Earth Retaining Structures.pdf (8.9MB)

46/Structural Steel Designer\'s Handbook (Brockenbrough &Merritt).pdf (10.95MB)

47/Earthquake Resistant Structure.pdf (7.85MB)

48/Environmental Design of Urban Buildings.pdf (38.77MB)


50/Railways.pdf (32.58MB)

51/Standard Letters for Building Contractors.pdf (2.33MB)

52/Civil Engineer Reference Book.pdf (91.5MB)

53 Building Repair.pdf (8.9MB)

54/Estimating.pdf (3.03MB)

55/Building_Const_Handbook.pdf (184.77MB)

56/Handbook of Civil Engineering (30.09MB)

57/Fundamentals of wood design and engineering.pdf (0.27MB)

58/Materials for Civil & Construction Engineers.pdf (12.35MB)

59/Civil Engineer Handbook.pdf (202.91MB)

59/Facility Piping Systems Handbook.pdf (16.28MB)

60/The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering.pdf (19.49MB)

61/Fundamentals Handbook - Engineering Symbology, Prints, and Drawings 1.pdf (8.04MB)

62/Handbook_of_Structural_Engineering.pdf (28.34MB)

63/Drinking water Distribution System.pdf (5.94MB)

64/Hydraulics Handbook.pdf (28.1MB)


65/Elect Eng Handbook_System_Control_Machine.pdf (17.62MB)

66/Practical-Instrumentation-for-Automation-and-Process-Control.pdf (6.91MB)

67/Power Elecronic Control in Electrical Systems.pdf (6.97MB)

68/Honeywell-Engineering-Manual-of-Automatic-Control-for-Commercial-Buildings[1].pdf (7.65MB)

69/Honeywell-HVAC-Handbook-AC-and-Ventilation-Controls[1].pdf (6.26MB)

70/Instrumentation_Reference_Book_3E.pdf (36.36MB)

71/Practical-PID-Control.pdf (10.53MB)

72/Instrument-Engineers-Handbook-Fourth-Edition-Volume-One-Process-Measurement-and-Analysis.pdf (18.87MB)


73/The Electrical Engineering Handbook.pdf (18.36MB)

74/Electrical Building Services IEE UK based.pdf (4.81MB)

75/Broadcast Engineers Reference Book.pdf (36.81MB)

76/Power Electronics Handbook.pdf (42.69MB)

77/Electrical Eng Portable handbook NEC.pdf (12.95MB)

78/Electrical Practical Power Protection.pdf (6.64MB)

79/Gas_Turbine_Engineering_Handbook_2E.pdf (10.34MB)

80/Protective Relaying Theory & Practice.pdf (12.48MB)

81/US standard Electrical Design.doc (0.05MB)

82/Electrical Practical Power Protection.pdf (6.64MB)

83/Electrical Engineering formulae & tables.pdf (10.5MB)

84/Electrical Building Services IEE based.pdf (4.81MB)

85/Earthing_Grounding_System.pdf (11.9MB)

86/Radio_and_Electronics_Cookbook.pdf (4.91MB)

87/Control System Design Guide.pdf (14.46MB)

88/Electrical Power System.pdf (3.34MB)

89/Electronic Filter Design Handbook.pdf (15.51MB)

90/Electrical Engineering formulae & tables.pdf (10.5MB)

91/Introductory Notes for Electrical Machines & Drives.pdf (1.79MB)

92/Power Generation Handbook.pdf (8.04MB)

93/Digital-Signal-Processing-Handbook.pdf (17.61MB)

94/Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering.pdf (13.29MB)

95/American Electricians\' Handbook, 15th Edition.pdf (23.12MB)

96/Power Fault Calculation & Protection Cable Selection_Note.pdf (5.38MB)

97/Electrical Power System.pdf (3.34MB)


98/The Architecture of Computer Hardware, System Software, and Networking.pdf (24.2MB)

99/MCSE Networking Essentials Trainind Guide - Second Edition.pdf (5.09MB)

100/MCITP-Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator Study Guide.pdf (16.58MB)

101/Hardware Firmware Interface Design.pdf (3.74MB)

102/Hardware and Computer Organization.pdf (11.09MB)

103/Essentials of Computer Architecture.pdf (2.07MB)

104/Embedded System Design.pdf (4.05MB)

105/Computer, Network, Software, and Hardware Engineering with Applications.pdf (4.14MB)

106/Cisco TCP-IP Routing Professional Reference.pdf (17.15MB)

107/CompTIA Security+, Get Certified Get Ahead.pdf (4.09MB)

108/Cisco Networking Academy Program.pdf (20.78MB)

109/Cisco Packetized Voice and Data Integration.pdf (10.28MB)

110/Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook.epub (10.24MB)

111/CCSP Cisco Secure VPN Exam Certification Guide.pdf (18.73MB)

112/CCDA -Cisco Certified Design Associate Study Guide.pdf (17.74MB)

113/CCENT, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guide.pdf (13.92MB)

114/Building Cisco Remote Access Networks.pdf (5.82MB)

115/Building a Cisco Wireless Lan.pdf (7.07MB)

116/Engineering Handbook.pdf (90.79MB)

117/Administering Cisco QoS in IP Networks.pdf (3.72MB)

118/The Electrical Engineering Handbook.pdf (18.36MB)

119/ElectricalEnggHandbook.pdf (545.15MB)


120/Welding Handbook.pdf (24.05MB)

121/Wind Energy Handbook.pdf (30.87MB)

122/Rosaler Robert C. Standard handbook of plant engineering.pdf (15.56MB)

123/Post Maintenance Equipment Management.pdf (9.41MB)

124/Modern Plastics Handbook.pdf (17.9MB)

125/Piping calculation Manual.pdf (4.82MB)

126/Mechanical Engineering Handbook.pdf (32.7MB)

127/Mechanical Engineering Handbook (CRC Press).pdf (32.7MB)

128/Mechanical Design.pdf (51.61MB)

129/Mechanical Engineer reference Book.pdf (45.11MB)

130/Mechamical Design Process.pdf (10.4MB)

131/Industrial_Referigeration.pdf (132.46MB)

132/Manufacturing& Management.pdf (11.88MB)

133/Machinery Handbook.pdf (1.94MB)

134/Intro_Predictive_Maintenance_2E.pdf (3MB)

135/HVAC_handbook.pdf (224.28MB)

136/Industrial Engineering Handbook.pdf (5.22MB)

137/Hvac-Systems-Design-Handbook-2.pdf (6.7MB)

138/HVAC-Pump-Handbook.pdf (12.51MB)

139/HVAC-Handbook-Commissioning-Guideline.pdf (0.87MB)

140/HVAC-Handbook-AC-and-Ventilation-Controls.pdf (6.42MB)

141/HVAC-Engineering-Cookbook.pdf (0.5MB)

142/HVAC AJ HandBook.pdf (64.69MB)

143/Handbook of Technical Diagnostics.pdf (53.33MB)

144/Handbook of Sustainable Engineering.pdf (24.71MB)

145/Handbook of Pumps and Pumping.pdf (14.14MB)

146/Building Tech Plumbing.pdf (118.99MB)

147/Handbook of diesel engines.pdf (26.79MB)

148/Gas Turbine Engg handbook.pdf (19.34MB)

149/Energy Management Handbook.pdf (19.55MB)

150/Control of HVAC.pdf (1.5MB)

151/Compressor Handbook.pdf (13.28MB)

152/Calculations of Machine Design.pdf (5.95MB)

153/Automotive Mechatronics.pdf (33.36MB)

154/Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets.pdf (26.28MB)

155/Automotive Electrical Handbook.pdf (16.58MB)

156/Assembly Automation & Product Design.pdf (10.9MB)

157/Applied Welding Engineering.pdf (5.03MB)

158/AirCondition Design Reference CAREER.pdf (56.11MB)

159/AirConDesign UAungKyawThar.pdf (58.84MB)

160/Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook.pdf (13.38MB)

161ElectricalEnggHandbook.pdf (545.15MB)


162/Mcgraw Hill - Project Management.pdf (3.4MB)