Bachelor of Technology

 Entry Requirement

·        Completion of Advanced Diploma in Electro-mechanical and Construction Engineering

ADEMC201-Sustainability and Electrical Practice


ADEMC202-Engineering Practice


ADEMC203-Design and Technology


ADEMC204-General Electrical Engineering


ADEMC205-General Civil Engineering and Construction


ADEMC206-General Mechanical Engineering


ADEMC207-Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry


ADEMC208-Engineering Materials


ADEMC209-Engineering Management


ADMEC210-Workshop Practice and Safety


Completion Requirement , one of the following ways

1.     Completion of BE (Special Program) Form 109 Subjects

BAE401 Engineering Mathematics

BAE402 Calculus

RE010 Engineering Materials

BAE403 Engineering Mechanics (10 Credits)


Additional Unit

BAE404 Engineering Thermodynamics


RE505- Green Building Design (3 credits)

RE016A-Design & Management (4 credits)

BAE 523A Environmental Engineering (1 credit)

RE003- Solar and Thermal Energy Systems (1 credit)

RE004- Energy Storage Systems (1 credit)

2        Selection of Examination (or) Assignment -Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, ICT based on Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, ICT subjects in Advanced Diploma in Electro-mechanical and Construction Engineering to determine the discipline of BTech degree.

3        Work experience submission to confer Bachelor of Technology

(Special) degree.

4        Completion of Year 3 in BE Program for the students who completed Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in ICT Engineering,


Assignment Submission , one of the following ways

1.     Messenger—to be advised

2.     E mail —

3.     Personal   No 307(B) Thura 2 Street, 9 Ward, South Okkalapa  , Yangon on Saturday, Sunday