Form 70

Form 70 (a)Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering

Form 70(b) Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Form 70(c)Advanced Diploma in General  Engineering & Drafting

Form 70 (d)Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

Form 70(e)Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Form 70(f)Advanced Diploma in Management

Form 70(g)Advanced Diploma in Automotive Engineering

Form 70(h)Advanced Diploma in Marine Engineering

Form 70(i)Professional Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Form 70(j)Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering

Form 70(k)Professional Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Form 70(l)Professional Diploma in Engineering (Year 3)

Form 70(m)Professional Diploma in Information Technology

Form 70(n)Professional Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Form 70(o)Professional Diploma in Management

Form 70(p)Professional Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Form 70(q)Professional Diploma in Metallurgical, Petroleum and

Form 70(r)Architectural Engineering

Form 70(s)Professional Diploma in Naval Architectural Engineering

Form 70(t)Professional Diploma+ Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Management

Form 71 Electricity Supply Industry + High Voltage Switching+ Marine Electrical

Form 72 Engineering Design

Form 76 IQY St Clements ME/MMgt/MAppSc(IT)

Form 77 Professional Diploma in Hazardous Safety Engineering

Form 78 Diploma in Hazardous Safety Engineering

Form 79 IQY Teachers Tax Assessment Form

Form 82 Humanities and Tertiary Bridging Course

Form 84 Internship + Final Design Project

Form 85 Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Myanmar Language)

Form 86 Prof Dip ICT Engg-BE(Network) Study Resources

Form 87 Master of Applied Science (Computer Networking) Study Resources

Form 88 Free Course Request by Poor Students

Form 91 Electrical Engineer Practice (Electrical Laboratory)

Form 98 Accounting

Form 100 Master of Engineering + Master of Engineering Practice

Form 108  Form108ADMECLearningSupport

Form 109 BE Special Program Learning Support

Form 110 Certificate in Estimating

Form 111 ME (Civil)

Form 112 ME (Electrical)

Form 113 ME (Mechanical)

Form 114 ME (Renewable Energy)

Form 115 MSc (Information Technology)

Form 116 Master of Management

Form 117 ME (Chemical)

Form 118 ME (Mineral)

Form 119 ME (Architecture)

Form 120 Bachelor of Engineering Renewable Energy

Form 121 Diploma/ Advanced Diploma in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering


Form 142 Construction Skills Training Professional Diploma Courses


Form 143 Master of Engineering (Professional Engineering) (Myanmar Students)

Form 144 Electrical Technician Laboratory

Form 145 Solar Energy Course

Form 146 MVTC+GGO-SPE-UK Membership

Form 148 MVTC For Year 8


Form 174 Bachelor of Work Studies (Diploma/ Advanced Diploma)

Form 175 Professional Diploma in Automotive Engineering

Form 176 Diploma in Engineering Work Studies (Diploma in Work Studies)

Form 176 (a)Civil Works

Form 176 (b)Mechanical Works

Form 176 (c)Electrical Works


Form 181 M & E Software

Form 182 CAM/CNC/Master CAM

Form 183 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Aided Engineering)

Form 184 PhD

Form185 Engineering Handbook Applications

Form 186 Short Courses

Form 187 ME Civil High Rise Building Construction

Form 188 Professional  Certificate in Hotel Construction

Form 189 IQY Apprentice and Trainee Program

Form 191 Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering)

Form 191 A Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

Form 192 Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems

Form 193 BEd (Engineering Education)

Form 194 Diploma in Higher Education Teaching)

Form 195 BEd (School and Vocational Education)

Form 195A BEd (Primary Education)

Form 196 Engineering Education Two Weeks Training Course

Form 197 IQY TU

Form198 Marine Electrical System

Form 200 Certificate in Hospital Electrical System

Form 201 Engineering Trades

Form 202 Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Work Studies (Vocational Studies)


Form 203 Professional Engineer Support / Master of Professional Engineering Practice

Form 204 Bachelor of Work Studies To BSc (Technology)/ BSc(Engineering)/BTech

Form 205 Bachelor of Work Studies (Engineering-Mechatronics)

Form 206 Bachelor of Work Studies (Engineering)

Form 207 Bachelor of Work Studies (Engineering) to BTech/BE Conversion

Form 208 Live Lesson ADWS /BWS to ADEngg/BTech/BE Conversion

Form 209 Weekly Live Lessons

Form 210 Mail order lesson video

Form 211 BWS Vocational Studies Myanmar

Form 220 BWS 1 Sewing & Non Engineering Manufacturing

Form 221 BWS 2 Foods Service

Form 222 BWS 3 Children Service

Form 223 BWS 4 Aged Care

Form 224 BWS 5 Customer Service

Form 225 BWS 6 Safety Industry

Form 226 BWS 7 Transport Logistics

Form 227 BWS 8  Agri Foods Production

Form 228 BWS 9 Live Stock

Form 229 BWS 10 Sales and Marketing

Form 230 BWS 11 Properties Services

Form 231 BWS 12 Performing

Form 232 BWS 13 Water Services

Form 233 BWS 14 Textile Care

Form 234 BWS 15 Personal Services

Form 235 BWS 16 Asset Management

Form 236 BWS 17 Properties Maintenance

Form 237 BWS  18 Industry

Form 238 BWS 19 Clerk of Work

Form 239 BWS 20 Engineering Manufacturing / Printing

Form 240 BWS 21 Public Communication/postal/ Library

Form 241 BWS 22 Education Support

Form 242 BWS 23 Production and Industry

Form 243 Master of Professional Engineering (International)

Form 244 BWS 24 Visual Arts and Crafts

Form 245 Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Human Rights)

Form 246 BWS 25 Screen Media

Form 248 BWS Engineering Myanmar

Form250 Bachelor of Work Studies-Factory All Myanmar

Form251 THS Diploma in General Engineering E Learning Course

Form253 Diploma in Intermediate Science (Dip ISc)

Form254 Professional Diploma in Technological Science/BSc(Technology)

Form 255 International Vocational Training Course

Form 255A Modified International Vocational Training Course

Form 255B Modified International Vocational Training Course Myanmar

Form 256 NNA+TTK (Safe Electrical Design+Electrical Wiring Design+ Structure+Estimating)

Form 257 Practical for BE/AGTI

Form 258 Language

Form 259 Agricultural Engineering

Form 260 Legal Studies (Myanmar)

Form 261 BWS BScEngg

Form 262 Emergency Study Lesson Backup

Form263 Electrical Trade+ Electrical Diploma Australia

Form264 Dip General Engineering Online Class Attendance

Form 305 Bachelor of Engineering Science  (Elecvtrical/Civil/Mechanical)

Form 306 LLM

Form 307 City & Guild Level 4/5 to IQY Advanced Diploma Conversion

Form 308 Professional Diploma in Rural Development Engineering

Form 309 THS Online+Diploma in General Engineering

Form 310 Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies and Administration

Form 311 Bachelor of Business Administration (Legal System)

Form 312 Diploma in Human Rights

Form 316 Graduate Engineer Training

Form 317 Representative Lawyer (RL) LLM Course

Form 318 Bachelor of Law (BL) Para legal Course

Form 319 IQY Teaching Class and Alumni



Form 321 Doctor of Engineering

Form 322 Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

Form 323 Doctor of Business Administration

Form 324 BEngScEMC

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Electro Mechanical and Construction)

BE (Electro Mechanical and Construction)


Form 326 BEngSc+BTP+BEngPrac +BWS-Engg

Form327 Master of Professional Architecture

Form 328 Diploma in Drone Technology

Form 329 Certificate in Rigging

Form 330 Certificate in Scaffolding

Form 331 EPGE SAE Course

Form 337 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry) with Vocational Studies

Form 338 Bachelor of Science (Physics) with Vocational Studies

Form 339 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) with Vocational Studies

Form 340 Bachelor of Science (Physics+Chemistry) with Vocational Studies

Form 341 Bachelor of Science (General Science)

Form 342 Bachelor of Arts(General Arts)

Form 343 Bachelor of Arts (Myanmar)

Form 344 Bachelor of Arts (English)

Form 347 Performance Based Degrees Diplomas

Form 348 Honorary Award Programs

Form 349 Open Public Courses

Form 350 Collaboration Programs

Form 350A Military Studies

Form350B Spring Revolution Education Support

Form350C KG to Yr10

Form350C-1 Year 1

Form350C-2 Year 2

Form350C-3 Year 3

Form350C-4 Year 4

Form350C-5 Year 5

Form350C-6 Year 6

Form350C-7 Year 7

Form350C-8-Year 8

Form350C-9- Year 9

Form350C -10Year 10

Form350C -11 Year 11

Form350C -12 Year 12

FORM 351 Certificate in International Relations


FORM 352  BECon


Form 353 MECon


Form 354 PhD Economics


Form 355 Nutrition and Diet

Form 356 to 358 Medical Studies

Form 357 A Bachelor of Work Studies (Medical and Nursing)

Form 359 Traditional Medicine

Form 360 Myanmar Traditional Medicine

Form 360A LLM  Medical BL  Arts science Economics Mega (Aero+Explosive+Biomedical)

Form 361 BE Aeronautical

Form 362 Graduate Diploma/ Masters Degree in Explosive Engineering

Form 363 Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Form 364 Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Form 365 Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Form 366 Bachelor of Science (Geology)

Form 367 Bachelor of Science (Biology)

Form 368 Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)

Form 369 Bachelor of Science (Environmental)

Form 370 Bachelor of Engineering Science (Genetic Engineering)

Form 371 Bachelor of Arts (Anthroology)

Form 372 Bachelor of Arts (Geography)

Form 373 Bachelor of Arts (History)

Form 374 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Form 375 Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Form 376 Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)

Form 377 Bachelor of Applied Science (Radiology)

Form 378 Diploma in Electronic Practice (Walkie Talkie)

Form379 BSc Sexology

Form380 Bachelor of Engineering (Textile Engineering)

Form381 Bachelor of Policing

Form382 Bachelor of Nautical Science

Form 383 Bachelor of Marine Science

Form 384 Bachelor of Science (Photonics)

Form 385 Bachelor of Science (Forestry)

Form 386 Bachelor of Engineering (Nuclear Engineering)

Form 387 Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Form 388 Bachelor of Agriculture

Form 389-BWS Sign writing Screen Printing Book Binding

Form 390-BWS-Avonics

Form 391-BWS-Basic Construction-Mason Roof Plaster

Form 392-BWS-Carpentry

Form 393-BWS-Elevator

Form 394-BWS-Mettal Trade-ForgingAutoBodySprayPaintBlackSmithFabricationWeldingEngraving

Form 395-BWS-Shoe Making

Form 396-BWS-Tayloring

Form 397-BWS-Real Estate & Insurance

Form 398 BWS-Library Operation

Form 399-BWS-Postal Operation

Form 400-BWS-Mobile Plant Operation

Form –Practical Course 2

PC 1-Certificate in Bricklaying & Masonry

PC 2-Certificate in Plumbing

PC 3-Certificate in Building Construction

PC 4-Certificate in Gutter Construction

PC 5-Certificate in Fitting & Machining


PC 6-Certificate in Welding

PC 7-Certificate in Engine Operation & Basic Servicing

PC 8-Certificate in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Basic Servicing

PC 9-Certificate in Electrical Wiring

PC 10-Certificate in Electrical Machine Winding

PC 11-Certificate in Electrical Power Wiring & Switch Gear Installation

(PC15/H102) Certificate in Basic Electronics & Telecommunication

PC16 Certificate in Rigging & Scaffolding

PC Practical Course (Level 2 for Engineering Technicians)

PC 12-Certificate in Surveying. Quantity Surveying & Estimating

PC 13-Certificate in Manufacturing Process Control & CNC

PC 14-Certificate in Building Energy Efficiency


Form -SPR

Spring Revolution Education Program



Form 120 Bachelor of Engineering Renewable Energy

Form 324 BEngScEMC


Form 350F Study Report Free Courses


All TU and GTI Students, Until 30 June 2021, we will make Award Format 2 (in some exceptional cases Award Format 3) for you. Beyond that period, if you want the award for your year of study, you will need to make award Format 1 by filling your name and student ID number.

You can either print out and fill or do it electronically. All awards require your ID card Reference Link


Form 120 Bachelor of Engineering Renewable Energy

Form 324 BEngScEMC


Form-All Uni Award

Year at University/ College          IQYDegree College award

Yr 2 to 4 (Arts)(BA) Diploma in Intermediate Arts (Dip IA)

Yr 2 to 4 (Science) (BSc)   Diploma in Intermediate Science (Dip ISc)

Yr 2 to 4(Economics)(BEcon)      Diploma in Intermediate Arts Economics(Dip IA Eco)

Yr 2 to 4 Commerce (BCom)       Diploma in Intermediate Arts Commerce(Dip IA Com)

Yr 2 to 4 Business (BBA)   Diploma in Intermediate Arts -Business(Dip IA Business)

Yr 2 to 4 Accounting (BAcc)         Diploma in Intermediate Arts -Accounting(Dip IA Acc)

Yr 2 to 4 Agriculture (BAg)           Diploma in Intermediate Science-Agriculture (Dip ISc Agri)

Yr 2 to 4 Forestry   Diploma in Intermediate Science-Forestry (Dip ISc Forestry)

Yr 2 to 4 Computer (BCsc/BCTech)        Diploma in Intermediate Science-IT (Dip ISc IT)

Yr 2 to 5 Law (LLB) Diploma in Law Studies (Dip LS)