Bachelor of Arts (General Arts)

Course   43321341


20 subjects at 6 credits per subject=120 credits


BA101 Myanmar


BA102 English


BA103 Philosophy


BA104 Geography


BA105 Myanmar History


BA201 Political Science


BA202 Archaeology


BA203 Anthropology


BA204 Myanmar Literature


BA205 World History


BA301 Logic


BA302 Myanmar Literature


BA303 Myanmar Poem


BA304 Pre-history


BA305 Sociology


BA401 Myanmar Culture


BA402 English Literature


BA403 Legal Studies & Administration


BA404 World Geography


BA405 Economics


Bachelor of Science (General Science)

Course   43321342


Each subject 6 credits Total 20 Subjects and 120 credits Year 1


BS101 Myanmar


BS102 English


BS103 Physics


BS104 Chemistry


BS105 Mathematics


Year 2


BS201 Geology


BS202 Forestry


BS203 Botany


BS204 Zoology


BS205 Statistics


Year 3


BS301 Industrial Chemistry


BS302 Astrology


BS303 Computer Science


BS304 Renewable Energy


BS305 Economics


Year 4


BS401 Legal Studies


BS402 Medical Science


BS403 Optometry


BS404 Geographic Information System


BS405 Oceanography

Bachelor of Science (Physics)


Course   43321343


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)


Course   43321344


Bachelor of Science (Geology)


Course   43321345


Bachelor of Science (Biology)


Course   43321346


Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)


Course   43321347


Bachelor of Science (Environmental)


Course   43321348




QUT Curriculum is referred


Bachelor of Engineering Science (Genetic Engineering)


Course   43321349




Bachelor of Nautical Science(43321350)


Bachelor of Nautical Science

Bachelor of Marine Science (43321351)


Bachelor of Marine Science

Bachelor of Engineering Science (43321352)


Bachelor of Science (Photonics)

Bachelor of Engineering Science (43321353)


Bachelor of Science (Forestry)



Bachelor of Arts (Antropology)


Course   4332150


Bachelor of Arts (Geography)


Course   4332151


Bachelor of Arts (History)


Course   4332152


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)


Course   4332154


Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)


Course   4332155


Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)


Course   4332156